Dark art legend Stephen Kasner – described by some as the last of the mohicans, on his own work and collecting the art of individuals such as Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez and Gacey. On the lessons he learned and the danger it brought.


D Generation, Danzig, The Blessed and many more. Sit tight as Howie Pyro take us back to outlaw New York. Collecting odd and bizarre artifacts, the last days of Sid Vicious and the angel of light coming knocking on the door. Ladies and gentlemen – this is the world of Howie Pyro.

Finally. Klas and Peter got to sit down with Dwid Hellion of Integrity. This episode is everything you want it to be. Childhood hauntings, conspiracies, occult tourism, theology and the number of the beast. Sit down, pour up something hot and enjoy the conversation with one of our dream guests. And yes, Dwid will be on for a part II in the near future.

Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, END, The Risk Taken, Silver Bullet Studios) recants his three year stint at one of the strangest and most haunted hotels in the Northeast. The now defunct Yankee Peddler Inn, located in Torrington, Connecticut, has some of the creepiest and most bizarre stories we’ve heard. Greg has had first hand accounts for many of them. He had served many years as nightshift manager at the Inn and was left with memories which will stay with him for a lifetime. Listen to the tales of blood soaked walls, apparitions of long dead children, haunted hotel rooms and the mysterious Bandages. The movie The Innkeepers was based on The Yankee Peddler Inn. Listen and enjoy. This story delivers on many levels.

Join us on one of our scariest stories yet. Hardcore journeyman Rich Thurston, who has played in such bands as Terror, Blood Has Been Shed, Diecast. Culture and most recently Treason, takes us on a chilling journey from his past. Once a skeptic, things progress very quickly for Rich in this classic haunted house tale Taking place in Gainesville, Florida, listen as we talk about haunted history, a child’s death, demons, mediums and Ouija boards. This one has it all. Listen with the lights on.

CT native and longtime Boston resident – Jesse Standhard, of such acts as Right Brigade, American Nightmare, Invasion and Follow Through takes us through a series of strange and diabolic events that reach over decades. From gates opening by heavy metal in the 80s to realtor nightmares happening now.

Harry Smith Jr, a NYC musician, takes us on a wild ride as he speaks about Ouija board terrors, dark shadowy creatures, haunted horsemen and the battles of light and darkness.

Into the 80s with Iron Cross vocalist and American hardcore legend Sab Grey. Creatures of the night, a demonic house and devils walking among us. American haunted hardcore history. #crucified #hatedandproud #oi #dischordrecords#ironcross #decendants #minorthreat #skinheadglory#hatedandproud #thestockburydark #stockburydark #haunteddc