It is with great honor that we give you Western Massachusets’ son, Mike Flynn, of classic outfits such as Last in Line, The Prowl and the legendary Out Cold. Mike takes us along for events and encounters that span over decades. Just as forceful and chaotic as Mikes contribution to hardcore and punk has been, just as dark and gritty are his stories. Not for the faint-hearted. 

CT native, singer of Trial, speaker, writer, filmmaker and humanitarian, Greg Bennick takes us on a long journey from Connecticut to Seattle and down to Haiti. A last farewell, Native American spirits, history and voodoo in modern culture.

Aaron Butkus of Death threat and The Shadow Dwellers, on childhood hauntings, loss, murder, spirits of New Mexico and the unholy goat himself.

Kam Lindsey of The Stance – the new voice of New England Oi, takes us deep into the Bridgewater Triangle. A young man with 20 years of experience from the place where spirits dwell. Thunderbirds, hauntings and something much, much worse. Get in.

Max M Morton of Cold Cave – author, director and shaman. This is the one. Our brother Max tell stories that travel over decades. Witchcraft, worlds colliding, protection from ancient times and rides with a certain serial killer.

We visit Marco Abbatiello, singer of Payday London. A story of sleep paralysis that took a dangerous and unbelivable turn for the worst.

Rob Lind of Ramallah, Blood for Blood and Sinners and Saints. A guest of honor. Buckle up and travel back to Old Boston with Rob. Underworld arson, crying children and Victorian hauntings.

Alpha & Omegas Luis tells an incredible and life changing story about a journey to magic Cuba. A journey that took him into dangerous and magic territories.