”Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places”.

– H.P. Lovecraft


What brought you here and what brought us here?

We are two men with the Atlantic ocean in between us. Peter of 100 Demons/Forced Reality and Klas of Shipwrecked. Here, the Northeast of America meets the north of Europe – Scandinavia.

Lasting friendships, times and events with an impact usually comes from leveling with someone in a unique and special way. Underground music and the comradery that comes with it brought us together, but not just the sounds and the fury – we found out that we shared something else too.

What is rarely mentioned, if ever… is the strong tradition of storytelling within our scene. In our thing, people of all walks of life, be it race, background, class and origin –bond and interact. Our world always attracted men and women with a fascination for stories and events that lay and dwell in the shadows. Be it that one house you were scared of walking by as a child, the forest you would not enter, your grandfathers campfire story that stuck with you forever or maybe, dark, unexplainable events that happened in front of your own eyes. So many of us came into this thing with great stories worth telling. Sometimes, for good and bad – things happened along the way or maybe its happening still.

To question, and to be sceptic, runs deep with us because it goes with the territory in the world we come from. Remember this when you listen and hear of things that took place in our lives. It is going to be dark and pleasantly unpleasent. And like life itself, we dont know exactly where this journey will take us but we know that its going to be a interesting one. One that you should come along for. There is adventure, history, whispers from ancient times where you least know it. Sometimes in your backyard or in the apartment next to yours. We have had our fair share of it, and so has our guests. If youre down for it and open to it, so will you friend.


Welcome to the Stockbury Dark